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Why We Cloth Diaper

Sometime in the first trimester of my pregnancy I came across a statistic saying that diapers ..

Days Out: What is Lily’s Petting Farm Really Like?

As everyone travelled out of town over Independence weekend, we decided to stay. We needed a fa..

Arrival Tips From A Gabz Expert Expat – Part 1

So you’ve landed in Sir Seretse Khama International Airport for the first time and you are a ..

Three Plus Me: Traveling With Kids

I've been traveling with kids for 6 years now and for 5 years have been making a three flight j..

The Rise of Swimming Toddlers in Gaborone

Is the rise of swimming toddlers in Gaborone a trend or a safety measure? The other day, my ..

Easy No-Peel Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

A healthy snack I like to make for my children is applesauce. It isn’t something I made frequ..

Botswana and Maternity Leave: What you need to know

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Seranne Junner-Beale. I am an Attorney in private..

Run Away The Pounds In Gaborone

Having moved to Botswana in 2010 after having lived all my life in India, and as a mother of an..

Bark and Bite, BSPCA’s Family Friendly Cafe Now OPEN

Before I moved to Botswana seven years ago, I wasn’t much of an animal lover. I had a cat, I ..

5 Reasons To Start Composting in Botswana

When I first started my garden 9 years ago in my super small yard in Phakalane, I read various ..