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September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

One of the passions closest to my heart is raising childhood cancer awareness. While I am a mot..

Days Out: Notwane Equestrian Centre

The Notwane Equestrian Centre is one of the latest exciting openings in Gaborone. My niece from..

Acacia Mall Phakalane Is Now OPEN – Or Is It?

So earlier this week, I went off to Acacia Mall, the new shopping centre north of Phakalane on ..

More Than Shopping At The Botswana Consumer Fair

If you’re looking for somewhere to take the family this weekend, why not try out the Botswana..

Greatest Motocross Event in Africa

The motorbikes are arriving and the dust is rising! The greatest Motocross riders across Afr..

Days Out: Gabs Game Reserve

Though it’s fun to go home to Canada or the UK, I love having family or friends visit us here..

Holiday Programmes: August 2017 Roundup

The school holidays are upon us, and many parents are wondering how to keep their children busy..

Checklist of Things to Do Before Moving to Botswana

Having moved to Botswana twice in 5 years, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about what you n..

Play At Home: Easy Homemade Playdough

With the winter months lingering, it can be difficult to keep our little ones entertained at ho..

It Would Have Been So Much Easier…

I’m a Gabz girl through and through. You want to know a back road from one suburb to the othe..