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Author: Ashley Thaba

Ashley Thaba

Joined In Sep 2017

About Me

I’ve lived in Botswana for 11 years and been married to a Motswana for 15 years and I’ve learnt a lot about our country. I spend my days teaching my children and offering parenting consultations on a wide variety of topics from breastfeeding, sleep training, home education, healthy eating, gardening, marriage, discipline issues, etc. You can learn more about my services on my Facebook page - Mom to Mom: Parenting Consultations or by buying one of my books -Conquering the Giants (a book detailing my story of how I almost lost my son at a local hospital), Healthy Cookbook (a book detailing how to feed your family healthy food including a section on how to grow it and a 10 day meal plan), Dive In (a book outlining very practically how to study the Bible so that the average non-theologian can learn how to hear from God).


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