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Author: Family Gems

Family Gems

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Connecting parents so they're in-the-know about family friendly Botswana.




Family Gems 3 Reviews
Warm and welcoming nursery located in Phakalane

A Peo Mela parent told us "Our son has been going to Peo Mela since he was 2. We love it because class sizes are small and the teachers are caring. Class time is focused on messy play, discovery, and learning new skills through fun. The school centres around a large shaded play structure which our son loves!"

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Family Gems 3 Reviews
Attentive and extremely clean

A Peo parent told us "My daughter is at Peo and we started her when she was 19 months. We chose it because it was near our house but was very happy we did so. The baby class had maximum of 8 to 10 kids at a time with a teacher and 2 aids. They were very attentive and extremely clean and my child rarely for sick from sick as they would advice sick kids to be kept at home. Our now 3 year is very advanced and can count, paint, knows all the colours and rhymes and the list goes on and also she has many friends from school whom she talks about overall she enjoys going to school. And hence we are looking forward to enrolling our son in baby class next year"

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Family Gems 3 Reviews
Exceptionally kind and accommodating staff

A Peo parent told us "From the first time I visited Peo to inquire about sending my then 2-year-old son there part-time, I was impressed by the exceptionally kind and accommodating staff at Peo (just what you want in a school where you'll be leaving our child). Seriously from the teachers and principal to the guard and maintenance guys, we are always greeted with a warm smile. It gives you a sense that they care about what they are doing. That coupled with Peo's long and successful history (opened in 1997 and had 2 other schools) and the positive parent reviews helped us pick Peo among other nursery schools."

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