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Category: Play At Home

Creating Connections and Keeping Cosy

Winter in Botswana is characterised by clear blue skies and warm sunny days, with cold nights ..

Christmas Countdown: Ideas For The Final 7 Days Of Christmas

The school holidays might be long, but the days will fly by if you've got engaging activities p..

Science At Home: Make Magic Happen

I have always loved science, even before I knew what I was doing was science! Lining up dominoe..

12 Plays of Christmas: Outdoor Play (part 3)

‘Oh the weather outside is frightful’… frightfully hot most of the time, but that doesn..

12 Plays of Christmas: Let It Snow! (part 2)

I recently asked my four year old daughter what she was looking forward to most about Christmas..

12 Plays of Christmas: For when you need five minutes peace! (part 1)

The summer holidays have arrived and our children are free from the routines of school, nursery..

Happy Diwali, Botswana!

The festival of Diwali is underway and there are many people in Botswana who celebrate this spe..

Play At Home: Easy Homemade Playdough

With the winter months lingering, it can be difficult to keep our little ones entertained at ho..