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Category: Work + Life

Afritease: The Dad Behind the Brand

Here's an heartwarming interview to keep you snug. Entrepreneur-dad and founder of Afritease, ..

Romatic Coffee –The Mother Behind It All

When I think about a hot and fresh cup of coffee to kick off my morning, I feel an immense..

From The Co-Founder Of Nubian Seed: The Life of a “Mompreneur”

Motherhood is a full-time job on its own. Running a business while being a mother at the same t..

How To Become A Blogger

In early June, Family Gems hosted the inaugural Blog Club meet up (and last night we met more u..

How to Adjust To Life As An ‘Entrepreneur Dad’

One day I was listening to an interview with Apple's Steve Jobs and he mentioned something abou..

Parenting And Business: Why Having A Family Can Be Good For Your Career

Parenting and business are not usually two things you put together. A trawl through social medi..

How An Indoor Playground Brought Chah Garde Home

InPlay is the latest in a large number of new kids-orientated businesses to open in Botswana. I..

5 Serious Tips to Refine Your Job Search

You have been dropping off your CV’s at various places that you fancy working in, you have se..

A Working Mothers Right To Breastfeed Her Baby

Hello everyone. Here I am again to inundate you with more legalise, this time in respect of th..

Goal Setting: Tips to Set and Succeed with Goals for 2018

I spent 9 years of my life working for personal and business success trainers. If there’s one..