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About Us


We've built Family Gems for current residents, arriving expats, and business owners in Botswana.


We offer a free directory and a lifestyle blog of family-specific news, specials, tips & tricks.


To connect parents so they're in the know about the family-friendly Botswana.


Through research and connection we are unlocking the best of Botswana.

Hello and welcome to Family Gems!

We’re Jessica and Jennifer. With the help of several friends and bloggers, we've created this website to share info about the family-friendly side of Botswana.

As new mums we found it hard to find what we needed here. Very few companies have websites, so much is word of mouth; online maps show that all businesses are located on Khama Crescent, and you never really knew what you were going to get if you did find it.

We figured we weren’t the only people looking for quality recommendations from people we can trust. So we created Family Gems with the goal being to connect parents so they’re in-the-know about family-friendly Botswana.

This site is all about collaborating, sharing information, and helping each other. Please explore our country’s gems and we hope to see you and your family soon.