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Category: House & Home

Happy’s Famous Lasagna: Family Night Comfort Food

Who doesn't love a good lasagna? It's the perfect comfort food. Even better when shared with l..

Easy To Make Roasted Cauliflower Chicken Chickpea Salad

I found myself looking up the benefits of cauliflower as I was consuming more of it than usual..

Baby Pancakes Cereal: A Breakfast or Snack Your Kids Will Love

We noticed mini food cereals trending... "mini doughnut cereal",  "mini pancake cereal".....

5 Ingredient Yummy Butternut Fritters: Hiding Veggies From Kids

Butternut Fritters are one way of hiding this veg in meals. The crispy texture is a creative w..

Experience My Best Local Food Spots: The Gems Around Gaborone

I was going through my Instagram and Facebook pages recently and I saw people posting all this..

Botswana Tariff Hikes: How You And Your Family Can Spend Less On Electricity

Have you been wondering why you're getting fewer units when buying electricity? You're not the..

Family Pizza Night: Your Own Thin Crust Dough

I might be a good cook but I’m not a baker... cakes are dry, muffins sink and bread flops. H..

Online Doctor: No Need To Be Embarrassed

Visits to the doctor are a scary, uncomfortable experience for some but there is no need to be..

6 Eco-Tips for Gaborone

I am totally humbled to post here, and hope some of my ramblings on eco-tips for Gaborone migh..

Lifestyle Swap: From Using Plastic To An Eco-Friendly Life

More than ever Lockdown and the emergence of COVID has made us appreciate each other and o..