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Author: Caroline Gartland

Creating Connections and Keeping Cosy

Winter in Botswana is characterised by clear blue skies and warm sunny days, with cold nights ..

Building your NEST – Self-Care for New Mothers

Botswana is home to many different species of Weaver Bird. This bird makes the most impressive..

Di Keletso: Make a Wish Trust

As one of the Directors of SensoBaby, I get to meet wonderful and inspirational people..

“There is no such thing as a baby” – Why Maternal Mental Health Matters

 “There is no such thing as a baby. There is a baby and someone” This quote by th..

What Is The GGC 5k Run And Is It Really Free?

Are you one of the 550 people who have registered for the free, weekly 5k? Hosted by the Gab..

Hope For Her: Empowering Women Through Skill Development

When you are raising young children, you hope they will grow up to be pillars of society; kind ..

Parenting And Business: Why Having A Family Can Be Good For Your Career

Parenting and business are not usually two things you put together. A trawl through social medi..

SensoTot: For Little Explorers

If you have a tot at home, you’ll know that they are determined scientists, adventurers and i..

12 Plays of Christmas: Outdoor Play (part 3)

‘Oh the weather outside is frightful’… frightfully hot most of the time, but that doesn..

12 Plays of Christmas: Let It Snow! (part 2)

I recently asked my four year old daughter what she was looking forward to most about Christmas..