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Author: Colo Tlhong

Colo Tlhong

Joined In Sep 2018

About Me

My name is Colo Tlhong but I go by the Colo Tau online. I am a certified personal trainer and I also hold a Bcom P.P.E degree from the University of Witwatersrand. My journey in fitness started when I was 15 at boarding school in Pretoria, I was bored one Saturday afternoon and decided to visit the school gym. I failed to bench press 15kg but that failure spurred me on to keep on training and I eventually joined the school powerlifting team. I continued to train throughout university and once I completed my degree I finally came back to Gabs. I had a job within marketing briefly but I knew fitness and health was my passion. I earned a personal training qualification through NFPT and co-founded V.I Fitness, a fitness company that deals with group training, fitness blogging and videos.




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