Nomads in South Africa was started in 1960 with a core group of businessmen enjoying each other’s company. From there it grew into an organization with over 3000 members. It donates to various charity organizations as well as, of course, playing lots of golf.

Nomads Botswana started from equally humble beginnings. A mere handful of eager gentlemen who were working in Botswana in 1993, decided to form a club called ‘Gomads Botswana’.

Based on the same Nomads playing format, the Gomads membership started at 60 and continued to grow. After a few constitution changes in 1997, South Africa gave Botswana it’s blessing to form the first club Nomads outside of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Furtherance of Golf Nomads Foundation

The Nomads organization has the mandate to increase the number of golf players. This includes increasing the number of golf players on a junior level. This is why they have set up their holiday program.

Why Should Children Play Golf?

Exercise: You might not realize it, but golf is a fantastic form of low-intensity exercise. Walking a course with a bag of clubs is exercise without overtaxing their little bodies. Plus you add in the fresh air, what’s not to love.

Size: Unlike a lot of traditional sports where your physical size is a deciding factor, that’s not the case with golf. In fact, a lot of professional golfers are smaller framed and shorter than you’d expect.

Emotional Intelligence: There is nothing like hitting a terrible shot or a bad round to make you realise how important it is to keep your emotions in check. One bad shot can ruin an entire round if you let it, or you can learn to leave it behind you and keep playing. This emotional resilience is so important in everyday life.

School Holiday Program

For both the Easter and August school holidays, Nomads set up for junior golfers to enjoy the game at the Gaborone Golf Club. It starts on the 13th of August and then every Tuesday and Thursday. They tee off at 7:30 am children set off to play 9 or 18 holes of golf.

Cost and Requirements

The cost is only P20 for each child to play. Each child needs to bring their own mini golf set. This is for children aged 6 – 18. Parents can either drop their kids off and pick them up around 11:30. Or they can enjoy a relaxing coffee and cake from the Tea Hut at the Gaborone Golf Club.

Nomads Junior Golf Competition

At the end of the school holidays Nomads sponsors a kid’s golf competition. They get to experience the fun that can be had playing in a tournament. Nomads also sponsor prizes. The competition will be held on the 31st of August.

For more information about how your child can get involved please give them a call.

Q Does my child need to be a member of the Gaborone Golf Club?

No, the fee is only P20 per morning.

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