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Category: Pregnancy


Where To Find Doula Support In Gaborone

In the past months, we've encountered these two questions from mums, "What's a doula?", and, "..


15 Things I Forgot About Being Pregnant

When you become a parent or as you age, your memory goes to the dogs! That being said, for gig..


A Working Mothers Right To Breastfeed Her Baby

Hello everyone. Here I am again to inundate you with more legalise, this time in respect of th..


Botswana and Maternity Leave: What you need to know

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Seranne Junner-Beale. I am an Attorney in private..


It Would Have Been So Much Easier…

I’m a Gabz girl through and through. You want to know a back road from one suburb to the othe..