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Category: Parent Stories

One Hand And A Toddler In Tow: How To Respond Well To A Clingy Toddler

I'm sure you've seen countless memes on your news feed, of frazzled mums doing a gazillion hou..

8 Parenting Mistakes You May Be Making

Mum's here are a few parenting mistakes I found myself making. And how over time I've learned ..

Mum, Need To Unwind? Here Are Some Ideas

“Being a Mum is a full-time job". I need a break”. “I never knew how much work would go ..

Cradle Of Hope: Life After Miscarriage, Stillbirth And Infant Loss

Loss.  Rather short, as far as words go and deceptively innocent.  Four letters ..

Children’s Books In Botswana: Fascinating Local Stories

Behind every book is a story. As adults, we still reminisce about getting lost in the many sto..

Celebrating Breastfeeding In Botswana

Breastfeeding was the picture-perfect bonding miracle I'd imagined it to be. That is, with m..

Mums Talk Parenting In Botswana: Part 2

It's during these trying times that we need to band together more than ever. That's why we had..

Is Your Child Anxious?

2020 blew in and swept us all off our feet. It’s been a rollercoaster experience as we al..

Raising Racially Inclusive Kids: A More Diverse Generation

As a parent, I have found it daunting to teach my children about race. Until the recent events..

Afritease: The Dad Behind the Brand

Here's an heartwarming interview to keep you snug. Entrepreneur-dad and founder of Afritease, ..