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Category: Secondary

Crispy, Sweet-Smelling Letters and the Botswana Post Letter Writing Competition

With almost twenty pen pals in my lifetime, I do believe I am somewhat qualified to speak about..

The Homework Diaries: A Teacher’s Perspective And FAQ’s

  “Our internet isn’t working at home.” “I forgot the paper at school.” ..

Back to School: Psyching Up Your Children For a New Year and a New Teacher

Living in Botswana our kids have been home for the holidays for almost six weeks. As parents we..

Bullying: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month? Students, schools, and communi..

Raising Money Smart Kids

Financial literacy is important. No one has ever disputed this statement. Financial literacy ra..

5 Serious Tips to Refine Your Job Search

You have been dropping off your CV’s at various places that you fancy working in, you have se..

Top 5 Tips to Help You Study: A Teenager’s Perspective

The time has come for students across the country to sit for their exams. There is no denying t..