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Category: Holiday

Holiday Programmes: August 2019 Roundup

For many of us, the end of the winter term is a relief. A sign that lighter and warmer morning..

Teachers’ Wish List: 10 Things Teachers Wish Parents Did With Their Kids

At the start of the school year when getting to know the parents in my class, I would alwa..

Holiday Programmes: April 2019 Roundup

** Our holiday roundup is proudly sponsored by Toys R Us Botswana ** Term 1 of 2019 is already..

Holiday Programmes, What’s Open And Family Events: Our Roundup

Can you believe 2018 is disappearing so quickly and the Christmas holidays are around the corne..

Mandarin Dialogue Allows You To Experience Chinese Culture

Sometimes you come across someone who impresses you with their creativity. They also inspire yo..

Holiday Programmes: August 2018 Roundup

The school holidays will be here before we know it. Parents are wondering how to keep their chi..

Holiday Programs: April 2018 Roundup

Term 1 of 2018 is already coming to a close, so the Easter school holidays are upon us already!..

Holiday Programmes: December 2017 Roundup

Where did the year go?! The 2017 school year is almost over. The festive season is always fu..

Holiday Programmes: August 2017 Roundup

The school holidays are upon us, and many parents are wondering how to keep their children busy..