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Category: Kid-Free

Family-Friendly Events in November 2019

November is just that great month between the summertime fun of October and Christmas festivit..

“Botswana Women Write” – The Big Launch

As I sit here and think back on the journey that it took to reach this milestone, I am overwhe..

A Cooking Challenge Could Land You A Job

I love anything that has to do with helping the youth of Botswana. Especially when the unemplo..

1 Young Mama Reviews The Othiphi Skin Health Event

Family Gems would like to say thank you to the wonderful Botswana blogger Anita Baliki for prov..

Dad’s Night Out: A Beer And A Bite

In my opinion dad’s also need a break from time to time. To hang out with other dads and comp..

Is Wine Good For Parents?

I'm not ashamed to say that I love wine. A deep, peppery Shiraz is gorgeous but my downfall on ..

Date Night In Gaborone

I know generic date nights usually comprise of dinner and a movie. Since our cinematic options ..

My New Favourite Place for a Pedicure

I’ve been on the hunt for an exceptional pedicure experience in Gaborone for a while. I’ve ..

Did You Know Toastmasters is in Botswana?

Have you ever struggled with addressing a gathering? Have you gone weak in the knees when asked..