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Category: House & Home

Gaborone’s Best Coffee Shops For Remote Offices

More people than ever are becoming entrepreneurs. But not all these new business owners need a ..

Lunch Box Inspiration

I think every single mum in the universe is constantly looking for new or different ideas for t..

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Or a dreary Thursday afternoon, I headed over to Block 3 Industrial for a business blind date. ..

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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Leaving Botswana With Your Pet

If you're an expat and looking to return to your home country, or Motswana but about to live ab..

Ednah Rosen: What Inspires her Christmas Celebrations.

I love Christmas celebrations. Christmas is about family, friends, love, spirituality and food...

Owning a Pet In Botswana: Medical Info

Continuing on last week's post about how to get a pet in Botswana, this feature focuses on some..

Getting A Pet In Botswana

Studies have proven time and again that children growing up with pets get a much healthier star..

Family Food: The Fastest One-Pot Pasta You’ll Ever Make!

Fast, One-pot Pasta. With veggies!!! Shhh! Don’t tell the kids! Yes, it’s all true (read: m..