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Category: After School

Stop Complaining And Start Doing, Be The Change You Want To See

On a cold, wet and misty morning I sat down to interview the ever busy radio personality and bu..

How An Indoor Playground Brought Chah Garde Home

InPlay is the latest in a large number of new kids-orientated businesses to open in Botswana. I..

SensoTot: For Little Explorers

If you have a tot at home, you’ll know that they are determined scientists, adventurers and i..

Get Served: Tennis in Gaborone with Petrus Molefe

When I was a teen, I loved playing tennis. I'd never had lessons so I was a rubbish player, but..

The Rise of Swimming Toddlers in Gaborone

Is the rise of swimming toddlers in Gaborone a trend or a safety measure? The other day, my ..