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Category: Parenting

First Day Of School: A Mummy’s Perceptive

Of First Days And A Lifetime More To Come Written by Omphile Sharon Monnana- She has her own..

The Beginner’s Guide To Potty Training, Complete With Tips

I will just put it out there, first time mothers fear many things when they have a child, it ca..

Christmas Traditions In Botswana: Two Different Days

Our fantastic bloggers are back with the final part of out Christmas traditions series. Hopeful..

Christmas Traditions: Slaughtered Goats, Dikhwaere, New Clothes And Family

Everyone knows about the overseas white Christmas but we don't document enough of what we do he..

Christmas Countdown: Ideas For The Final 7 Days Of Christmas

The school holidays might be long, but the days will fly by if you've got engaging activities p..

Children’s Car Seats In Botswana: What The Law Says

How many times have you pulled up to a set of robots and seen a toddler standing in the back s..

Christmas Traditions: What We Do In Botswana

Globally Christmas traditions are well documented but what do we do in Botswana? Our fabulous b..

Motherhood: My Experience Being A Young Single Mother

Motherhood is like the first day of school, you’re the new kid and you have to navigate your..

My Definition Of Family In Botswana

The oxford dictionary defines family as; “A group of people related by blood or marriage.” ..

Phonics: How I’m Helping My Child Learn To Read

Have you ever met a very young child who can read or even write? Have you wondered what techniq..