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Category: Health & Wellness

The Love in a Box Project

It's that magical time of the year - a perfect time to share your love in a box! At Occupati..

How Gratitude Saved Me From Myself

So we are in the last quarter of 2017, quite frankly, the second last month. For many of us, so..

Self Care Week: Why ‘Me Time’ Is More Than A Luxury

13th – 19th November 2017 is Self Care Week in the UK. It may not be marked internationally b..

Why I Stopped Watching TV and So Should You

Sometimes I find myself glued to the couch, watching episode after episode of my favourite show..

Sit Straight! Don’t Slouch!

Ah… those knees… I do not attribute it to running or to age. I started having knee pain and..

World Mental Health Day 10th October 2017

10th October is World Mental Health Day. Celebrated globally for 25 years, it is a day where me..

Botswana and Maternity Leave: What you need to know

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Seranne Junner-Beale. I am an Attorney in private..

Run Away The Pounds In Gaborone

Having moved to Botswana in 2010 after having lived all my life in India, and as a mother of an..

September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

One of the passions closest to my heart is raising childhood cancer awareness. While I am a mot..