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Category: Health & Wellness

My Experience With Breastfeeding And Tips For New Mothers

When a mother breastfeeds her baby, the baby receives a head start in life that cannot be matc..

Family Health And Fitness

A complaint I often get from clients is that they fear their kids aren't active enough. Let’s..

Why Should You And Your Whole Family Be Doing Squats?

Are you doing squats so you can have a nice bum? Well yeah that is the most common answer when ..

Healthy Eating During Winter

Winter is a season which is challenging when it comes to maintaining healthy lifestyle. This is..

My Top 7 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Brrr! It isn’t even the middle of winter, and the cold snap we just had reminded me that we a..

Parenting And Business: Why Having A Family Can Be Good For Your Career

Parenting and business are not usually two things you put together. A trawl through social medi..

Get In The Know About Flu: Prevention, Symptoms & Treatment

Influeza (Flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus (influenza A or influe..

A Working Mothers Right To Breastfeed Her Baby

Hello everyone. Here I am again to inundate you with more legalise, this time in respect of th..

Get Served: Tennis in Gaborone with Petrus Molefe

When I was a teen, I loved playing tennis. I'd never had lessons so I was a rubbish player, but..

Goal Setting: Tips to Set and Succeed with Goals for 2018

I spent 9 years of my life working for personal and business success trainers. If there’s one..